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University Bedding College Sports Team Sets

If your moving away to college you will most likely be living on campus at your new university. University beds run in two sizes: twin and twin extra long. We specialize in the university bedding sizes twin and twin extra long.

We can ship your sheets and bedding to your new university residence. If you do not already know what the correct mailing address is for your new place of residence, simply contact your school and ask them where you should ship to.

We also have College and University bedding for select schools, such as: University of Alabama, University of Arkansas, Auburn, Cal Berkeley, Clemson, Duke, Florida Gators, University of Florida, FSU, University of Georgia, Georgetown, Iowa, Kansas University, University of Kentucky, Kansas State, LSU, Michigan, NC State, UNC, University of North Carolina, Nebraska, Ohio State, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Penn State, University of South Carolina, University of Texas A&M, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, and Wake Forest.